Saranac Lake, nestled within the heart of Adirondack Park, New York, is the epitome of rustic charm married with outdoor adventure. A visit to Saranac Lake is like opening a treasure chest of activities, panoramic vistas, and rich cultural experiences just waiting to be discovered. To fully explore this beautiful village and its surrounding wilderness, it’s a great idea to rent a reliable, high-end vehicle from Vermont Rental Cars. We provide the ease, comfort, and versatility you need to navigate your adventure in this stunning region, unlocking memorable things to do in Saranac Lake. Here’s a curated list of must-have experiences:

Scenic Drive and Hike at Mount Baker

Mount Baker, an inviting local hike, starts right from the edge of the Saranac Lake village. A favorite among locals and tourists alike, this trail boasts a short journey with a rewarding outcome. As you ascend the 0.9-mile trek to the peak, you’re greeted by majestic panoramas of Saranac Lake, High Peaks, and the surrounding mountains. Your dependable four-wheel-drive rental from Vermont Rental Cars ensures a smooth journey to the trailhead, conveniently located near Moody Pond. After an exhilarating hike, enjoy a relaxing drive through the leafy tree-lined avenues of Saranac Lake, soaking in its timeless beauty.

Cruise on to Lake Flower

A sparkling gem of Saranac Lake, Lake Flower, is located in the heart of the village. Just a short drive can transport you from your cozy accommodation to the calming shores of a lake named in honor of New York’s Governor Roswell P. Flower. It’s an ideal spot for a myriad of water activities – whether you’re a fan of canoeing, prefer leisurely kayaking, or enjoy the simple pleasure of lakeside picnics. With the spacious cargo space in your Vermont Rental Cars vehicle, it’s a breeze to load up your rental with all your gear and head out for a water-fueled adventure on Lake Flower.

Drive to the Saranac Laboratory Museum

Adding a dose of intriguing history to your Saranac Lake visit is the Saranac Laboratory Museum. A quick drive in your luxurious rental car transports you back in time to the late 19th-century beginnings of this place. Initially built as a research facility for tuberculosis (TB), the laboratory stands today as a museum, chronicling Saranac Lake’s journey as a pivotal center for TB treatment. Drive back downtown and enjoy a hearty lunch at one of the many inviting eateries – another perfect transition facilitated by your reliable rental from Vermont Rental Cars.

Adventure Awaits at the Wild Center

A short yet scenic 22-mile drive leads you out of Saranac Lake to the adjoining Tupper Lake, home to the world-renowned Wild Center. This famed natural history center houses an interactive museum, exciting walking trails, and a spectacular Wild Walk—an elevated treetop walk that presents a unique squirrel’s-eye view of the forest. Drive seamlessly across different terrains in your four-wheel car rental, knowing you can safely park at the Wild Center’s expansive parking area before embarking on your wilderness exploration.

Excursion to The Paul Smith’s College VIC

Plan a day exploring the spectacular landscapes of Paul Smith’s College VIC—short for Visitor Interpretive Center. Just a 12-mile drive in your robust Vermont Rental Cars vehicle transports you to this environmental education hub. The center boasts diverse ecosystems with extensive trails traversing forests, wetlands, and mountains. It offers guided tours, workshops, and hosts various events, offering visitors immersive experiences in Adirondack’s natural beauty. No matter the season, your trusted four-wheel drive ensures you reach your adventure on time.

Exploring the Heart of the Village: Downtown Saranac Lake

Saranac Lake’s downtown area is a delightful blend of historic charm, vibrant arts, and unique shopping experience. Park your stylish Vermont Rental Cars vehicle and stroll through the inviting, small-town streets. You find local artist studios boasting a variety of beautiful works, eclectic shops selling charming trinkets and souvenirs, and bookstores with rare finds. Afterward, settle down in a cozy café or a craft bar and enjoy a delicious meal or refreshing drinks to round off your downtown adventure.

Journey to the Olympic Jumping Complex

Your adventure in Saranac Lake won’t be complete without a visit to the Lake Placid Olympic Jumping Complex—just a 10-mile drive away! This venue is teeming with thrilling activities for sports enthusiasts and those seeking adrenaline rushes alike. With snow lane zip lines and tubing lanes, coupled with an opportunity to watch athletes during their training sessions, this complex is a hub of non-stop excitement.

Art at the Adirondack Artists Guild

A few minutes’ drive from the village center brings you to the Adirondack Artists Guild. As Saranac Lake’s only art co-op, it showcases local artists’ work, ensuring a constant rotation of exhibits every year. Whether your preference is for watercolors, ceramics, or photographs, there’s a diverse collection guaranteed to pique the interest of any art aficionado.

Drive to Saranac Lake’s Historic Carousel

Just a short distance from Lake Flower, an enchanting Adirondack Carousel awaits discovery. Unlike traditional merry-go-rounds, this unique carousel features hand-carved Adirondack animals. It stands as an endearing monument of community spirit and local arts, and a testament to the vibrant, warm, and friendly character that is the heart of Saranac Lake.

The journey through Saranac Lake becomes an adventure in itself when you’re behind the wheel of a high-end Vermont Rental Cars vehicle. Explore this charming Adirondack community at your own pace, comfortably reaching hidden gems and top attractions with ease. Hop in, buckle up, and let the adventure-filled drives through Saranac Lake unfold. Enjoy the freedom to create a personalized excursion that encapsulates the best Saranac Lake has to offer. With the right car, you’re not just starting a journey—you’re initiating an unforgettable road trip filled with discovery, thrills, and the making of lifelong memories. Safe travels!


Tucked away within the southwestern corner of Vermont, Bennington is a haven of rich history, stunning nature, and exciting activities. Enhance your journey in this verdant region by renting a sleek, four-wheel drive vehicle from Vermont Car Rentals, adding an extra dash of excitement and ease to your exploration of Bennington’s treasures. Let’s dive into some must-do activities in Bennington, VT.

Explore Bennington, VT

Bennington, Vermont, is a historical treasure and scenic wonder nestled on the edge of the Green Mountains. Founded in 1749 by New Hampshire Governor Benning Wentworth, Bennington is one of the oldest communities in Vermont. It is named after the governor himself and stands as a significant site in America’s Revolutionary War chapter. The pivotal Battle of Bennington in 1777 marked a turning point in favor of the Revolutionary forces, a historic event commemorated by the Bennington Battle Monument.

This bustling town later thrived on industries like iron processing, textiles, and pottery during the 19th century, thereby attracting a diverse mix of settlers. Remnants of this rich industrial past are still visible in the downtown district’s historic structures.

Today, Bennington is celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and well-preserved history. Old Bennington, with its breathtaking Colonial and Victorian architecture, offers a beautiful glimpse into the past.

For newcomers and residents alike, there are endless things to do in Bennington, VT. Visitors can explore the wide range of historical collections and iconic bridges. Active pursuits abound too, with nature trails, parks, and wilderness areas promising thrilling adventures. Bennington’s lively festivals, farmer markets, and delightful food scene provide an authentic taste of Vermont’s culture and community spirit.

In essence, Bennington, VT, where historical charm meets nature’s splendor, offers plenty of intriguing discoveries for the history buff, the outdoor adventurer, the art lover, and the foodie, making it an ideal, all-encompassing tourist destination.

Immerse Yourself in History with a Self-Guided Walking Tour of Old Bennington

Begin your adventure with a stroll through Old Bennington, a possessor of the National Register of Historic Places distinction. This quaint village, with less than 200 inhabitants, is jampacked with beautiful, historic buildings. With your guide at hand and the comfort of your rental car, you’ll get a chance to admire the architectural gems, including the Jedidiah Dewey House, dating back to 1763. This walking tour not only offers a glimpse at the past but facilitates a deeper understanding of the region’s rich cultural history.

Savor the Taste of Bennington At Historic Diners

Food enthusiasts will relish the gastronomic offerings of the historic Blue Benn Diner. Located conveniently on North Street, this 1948-established eatery offers a slice of American history, served with delectable traditional snacks and meals. Its classic ambiance and rich flavors offer a culinary experience that’s as enriching as any historical tour. Your appetizing journey into the past is made comfortable and accessible by the reliability of your Vermont Car Rentals vehicle.

Travel Through Time on the Covered Bridges Tour

Experience a drive that brilliantly combines nature, architecture, and history on the Covered Bridges Tour. Bask in the intricate craftsmanship while you drive through five historic covered bridges in Bennington County, each echoing tales from the past. Your four-wheel drive’s perfect handling of the region’s rural roads will enhance your appreciation of these architectural wonders, each bridge a testament to the skill and dedication of the builders of yesteryears.

Indulge in Antiquing

Antiquing in Bennington is a wonderful journey into the bygones. The antique stores, centered on Main Street, deliver a fascinating range of collectibles and curiosities from different periods and cultures. The freedom and convenience offered by your spacious rental vehicle make it all the more comfortable to explore at your leisure and take home any unique finds.

Expand Your Horizons at the Bennington Museum

The Bennington Museum offers an exciting exploration into the cultural richness of the region. Home to the world’s largest collection of Grandma Moses’ paintings, it also helps visitors delve into the unique stories of southern Vermont, eastern New York State, northwestern Massachusetts, and southern New Hampshire. A luxurious four-wheel drive vehicle from Vermont Car Rentals ensures a comfortable drive to this museum, letting you concentrate on the extensive feast of history and art that awaits at your destination.

Visit the Bennington Battle Monument

The Bennington Battle Monument, the state’s tallest structure, offers you a bird’s-eye view of Bennington and the surrounding mountains. Built to honor the 1777 Battle of Bennington, the monument stands as a testament to the courage and spirit of those who valiantly defended their land. The short drive in your stylish rental vehicle adds to the convenience, allowing you extra time to soak in the panoramic views.

Explore the Former Home and Grave of Robert Frost

Pay a visit to the former home and gravesite of the renowned poet Robert Frost, curated carefully by Bennington College. This well-preserved dwelling offers you a glimpse into the man behind some of literature’s most celebrated works. The short drive in your high-performance rental vehicle ensures a swift and comfortable journey, leaving you free to immerse yourself in the poet’s artifact-strewn house and peaceful gravesite.

Experience Adventure on the Long Trail

For outdoor enthusiasts, the Long Trail offers a chance to embark on an unparalleled adventure. With over 270 miles of paths to explore, ranging from Harmon Hill to Maple Hill, a taste of Vermont’s wilderness is right at your fingertips. Your trusty four-wheel drive from Vermont Car Rentals will make reaching the trailheads a breeze, offering a seamless transition from the road to the trail.

Visit Lake Shaftsbury State Park and other Hiking Trails

Embark on an exploration of Bennington’s verdant landscapes by visiting Lake Shaftsbury State Park, Woodford State Park, or the Mile-Around-Woods. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll around Lake Shaftsbury or a more intense hike through the woodland trails, your four-wheel drive ensures easy access and comfortable travel. Such experiences allow you to connect with nature and take in the stunning views that make Vermont a must-visit destination.

With a mix of rich history, scenic beauty, and adventurous activities, Bennington, VT, provides an unforgettable experience that can be made even more accessible and enjoyable with a high-end, four-wheel-drive vehicle from Vermont Car Rentals. Turn your trip into an adventure by traversing Bennington’s diverse landscapes and historical sites with ease and style. Happy travels!