Top 5 Places to Visit in Montpelier, Vermont

Deep in the heart of New England is Montpelier, one of the world’s most fascinating capital cities. While it might be a tiny blip on the map, it has plenty to offer visitors, despite being the world’s smallest capital.

Montpelier draws people in with its small-town charm, stunning landscapes, and locally-run businesses. It’s a refreshing destination to retreat to and enjoy Vermont’s charm. This location is beautiful during any season.

Not sure what to do in the Montpelier area? We’re here to help. Here are the top five places (in no particular order) to visit in Montpelier, Vermont.

#1 Rock of Ages

A little-known fact about Vermont is that it produces some of the world’s highest-quality granite. Montpelier is in Washington County, the granite capital of Vermont.

Just a few minutes away from Montpelier is Barre, the home of Rock of Ages. You won’t find anything like this attraction anywhere else.

While it sounds like a music festival, it is actually a unique educational experience. Each year, over 100,000 visitors travel to this landmark to learn about granite quarrying and manufacturing and see the remarkable Smith Quarry.

The Visitors Center is an impressive and modern  5,000-square-foot space with exhibits, a theater, and of course, granite gifts. From here, you can purchase a caravan tour ticket.

On the caravan tour, you’ll visit the Smith Quarry. This impressive quarry is over 600 feet deep!

Rock of Ages is a fascinating attraction worth visiting while in Montpelier.

#2 Vermont State House

The Vermont State House building is the first image that appears if you Google Montpelier. There is a reason why this historic building is so representative of this city. It is one of the most beautiful state capitols around.

This gold-domed structure has a row of flowers leading up to it and lush greenery behind it. It is breathtaking any time of year.

The inside of the building also doesn’t disappoint. It’s a well-preserved 160-year-old space filled with historic charm. Its chambers are still home to the Vermont House and Senate. Additionally, you’ll find art and sculptures by local artists throughout the space.

You can enjoy this landmark by walking around the grounds, taking pictures, and taking a tour of the building.

It’s a must-see landmark in Montpelier where you can experience a slice of living history.

#3 Coburn Covered Bridge

Covered bridges are a quintessential Vermont sight. While visiting the state, it’s worth seeing at least one. Unfortunately, they are increasingly rare, with fewer than 100 remaining today.

One particularly famous one you should visit while in Montpelier is the Coburn Covered Bridge. It is the Montpelier area’s only surviving 19th-century covered bridge. The bridge is only 15 minutes away from the city, so it’s an easy stop.

This structure is beautiful inside and out. The bridge is 69 ½ feet long and has wood trusses and steel beams. Even by Vermont standards, it’s impressive.

No matter what time of year you visit, it looks stunning. You’ll capture some incredible photos at this picturesque spot.

#4 Bragg Farm Sugar House and Morse Farm Maple Sugar Works

One product that Vermont is world-famous for is its tasty maple syrup. There are two very well-known places to visit in the Montpelier area.

The first is the Bragg Farm Sugar House. It’s only five minutes from the Coburn Covered Bridge, so you can easily pair the two activities. They have been maple sugaring the traditional way for eight generations!

At this farm, visitors can take a free guided tour to learn about their maple sugaring process and sample the syrup. After the tour, you can try delicious maple ice cream and buy gifts at the shop.

Another unique maple sugaring farm is Morse Farm. While it is similar to Bragg, it has a few distinct features.

There is a nature trail, a farm life museum, a country store, and a woodshed theater at the farm.

However, the star of the show is their premium maple syrup. You can take a tour of the tasting and see multimedia displays at their theater.

#5 Ben & Jerry’s Factory

Everybody loves ice cream! Ben & Jerry’s is one of the most legendary brands for this sweet treat in the US.

The ice cream factory is less than 20 minutes from Montpelier.

The factory is a sweet tooth’s paradise. There, you can go on a tour of the facilities and learn about the company’s history and how they make their ice cream.

At the end of the ice cream factory tour, you get a free sample of their delicious treats. Don’t forget to grab a full-size cone from the ice cream shop and pick up some unique gifts from the shop.

By Amy Allen

No one loves getting lost when driving somewhere, but it can be incredibly fun and a bonding experience with family and friends when you get lost while walking through a gigantic corn maze together. There’s no better place to experience this than at Vermont’s largest corn maze, Hathaway Farms, located in Rutland Town, VT. The farm and maze is perched atop Prospect Hill, offering one of the most beautiful views of the Green Mountain State. 


The maze opens for guests in late July and stays open until mid-October. It’s open from 10 am – 5 pm on weekdays, (every Saturday till 9), is closed Tuesdays, and often remains open on weekends in November and December as long as the weather permits. The business keeps an updated website and Facebook page, so visitors can check in there for updates on hours and weekend openings in the early winter. Saturday evenings are particularly popular with young teens, who enjoy wandering the maze together in the dark using glow sticks and being able to partake in a safe yet independent activity. 

The farm isn’t just for show. It’s a third generation working beef and maple farm. The livestock barn is a huge attraction, allowing guests to get up close and personal with donkeys, giant rabbits, sheep, chickens, cows and more. There’s a farm store selling the farm’s own maple syrup and Vermont-made products, as well as a “Snack Shack” that serves food and refreshments for those who work up an appetite while wandering through the tall corn. Additionally, there are wagon rides, pumpkin picking, fun games to play, a corn pit (think ball pit but with kernels of corn) for little kids to play in, play houses, swings, and even a mini-maze that’s more manageable for young kids to solve. 


The maze itself is set up according to a different theme each year, with the owners providing an aerial view of the design once the season is over for all to enjoy. Visitors to the maze are given a square of paper after paying their admission fee, and while moving through the corn, they answer trivia questions at different stations with the correct answer providing the proper path forward, and also collect different shaped hole punches on their papers at each station. All eight punch stations are hard to find, but those who manage to punch their paper with every single one get to enter a special raffle drawing upon exiting the maze. Additionally, several tall bridges are located throughout the maze, providing sweeping views of the beautiful surrounding area. Solving the maze is no easy task, but there is an early exit for those who choose to abandon the quest and just enjoy all that the farm has to offer. 


Spending a few hours at Hathaway Farm and Corn Maze means outdoor fun for the entire family in a beautiful setting! This is a don’t miss attraction in the Rutland area! 

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Take a Stroll Through the Vermont Farmers Market
By Amy Allen

Shopping locally and supporting farmers is quintessential Vermont, and there’s no better way to do that, than to shop at Vermont’s largest farmers’ market, located in downtown Rutland. Even better, the market runs year-round, allowing vendors a place to sell their goods as well as giving locals and tourists an opportunity to purchase a wide variety of items all year long.

The market is held at Depot Park in Downtown Rutland, adjacent to the Wal-Mart shopping plaza. It runs on Saturdays from mid-May through the end of October from 9 am – 2 pm. Visitors can easily find parking in the adjacent lots, and take a stroll through the vendor stalls while listening to live music and chatting with the farmers and artisans. Many enjoy the opportunity to get to know the farmers producing their food, and the chance to glean some growing techniques for their own backyard gardens. The produce available changes from week to week, depending on what’s in season. Visitors can enjoy fresh berries in the opening weeks of the market and things like root vegetables and apples as the weather turns crisp and fall approaches.

Additionally, a somewhat smaller version of the weekend market runs on Wednesday afternoons in the same location from 1pm – 5pm. In early November, once the weather turns cold, the market moves indoors to the Vermont Farmers Food Center, located just up the road from the summer location. The vendors stay there every Saturday, from 10 am – 2 pm until the month of May, when it warms up enough to be back outside.

The market has something for everyone; from fresh produce, to garden starts in the spring, to homemade jams and sauces, to fresh eggs, breads, artisan cheeses, pies, maple syrup, and a wide variety of prepared ethnic foods that can be eaten there or brought home for lunch or dinner. Additionally, a wide-variety of Vermont crafts are available, such as beautifully crafted cutting boards, unique handmade jewelry, beautiful pottery, as well as hand knit items, just to name a few. The market is a perfect place to shop for yourself, and for unique gifts for family and friends. You can feel good about spending your dollars locally, and directly benefiting the person who planted the seeds for the lettuce in your salad or knitted the yarn together to create the winter hat atop your head!

Of note, while the market used to allow pets, it currently has a no pet policy in place, so leave the dogs at home. Also, unless purchasing a pricey craft item with a credit card, you’ll want to bring cash with you to make your purchases, as well as a reusable grocery bag in which to store your items while you walk. There’s an ATM located right in the market parking lot should you need cash.

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